Bonfire Night: Scotland

2015 Guy Fawkes title

Pop. Pop. Kipow. Screeeaaachhhh! Pop. Pop. Poppoppopopopopop. Pop……..

The crowd woops and cheers as the announcer jumps to his mike and shouts out a send off. As the crowd thins I gaze over at the empty sky. Something was different about these fireworks. What was it?


Oh wow. I’ve seen many pyrotechnic shows over the years, but apparently none with a playlist—until now. I can’t even begin to describe the thrill a thumpin’ melody adds to the dazzling sight of fireworks exploding across the sky.

And I got to experience 23 MINUTES of this!

This year they featured a James Bond theme (and apparently, according to my new friend, this was the theme last year too lol).

2015 Guy Fawkes-3

Anyway, I’ll stop yapping so you can click start on the playlist below and begin exploring these photos!

If you’d prefer a more traditional view of the fireworks (which are just as spectacular) and a rundown of the history of Guy Fawkes/Bonfire/Firework Night please click here.

2015 Guy Fawkes-72015 Guy Fawkes-35       2015 Guy Fawkes-102015 Guy Fawkes-192015 Guy Fawkes-22 2015 Guy Fawkes-232015 Guy Fawkes-262015 Guy Fawkes-312015 Guy Fawkes-45   2015 Guy Fawkes-422015 Guy Fawkes-39 2015 Guy Fawkes-68   2015 Guy Fawkes-642015 Guy Fawkes-492015 Guy Fawkes-512015 Guy Fawkes-462015 Guy Fawkes-542015 Guy Fawkes-57   2015 Guy Fawkes-602015 Guy Fawkes-152015 Guy Fawkes-772015 Guy Fawkes-812015 Guy Fawkes-66   2015 Guy Fawkes-632015 Guy Fawkes-742015 Guy Fawkes-832015 Guy Fawkes-84

I hope you liked the show!

Do you have any photos to share from Bonfire Night? Post them below!

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