I am trapped in those stocks even now, typing away on my little phone to bring you the news……Just kidding!


While J and I were in Perth, Scotland yesterday there was a zombie outbreak!!!! Fortunately, the locals are quite used to wrangling zombies so they corralled them into a corridor!

Unfortunately…. that was our way out! Eeek!

What you don’t hear in the video is my hysterical laughter…. I laugh when I’m nervous or anxious and it’s the worst reaction ever, because the situation never calls for giggle fits. How am I supposed to run from a zombie if I’m doubling over in laughter???!!!

Plus, I think in this case I confused the poor zombies!

Who’s in danger?

J was so hungry after waiting in line I thought I was going to have to keep the zombies safe from a nibble!

But don’t worry, I fixed the problem by having J locked up and then put in a thumb-crushing torture device to help her keep her mind off food (I’m such a great girlfriend).

We were just strolling along, when a ghoulish, pasty-white woman in a noose asked me if J had been good.

Baffled by the sudden question I skidded to a halt, looked over at J and rubbed my chin.

“Mmmm. Yeah?”

The woman waggled her eyebrows.

“Should I put her in the stocks?”

No hesitation.

“Yep. That would be good.”

J: “Wait, what. Don’t I have a say in this???”

*I’m already pulling out my camera.*

J: ….. 😦 *goes over and puts head and hands into the stock.*



Of course, that’s when the tables turned. On the spot I was accused of being a witch and it was my turn to be thrown into the stocks. Curses!

To my frustation it was then up to a passing little, tiny kid whether I would go free or not (he didn’t want to let me go)!!

Eventually I was let loose. Upon my release I was given a boot in the butt and then banished. Goodbye Perth. It was fun.

Enough tears though! I’m off to watch some horror films, scarf down some candy and watch my jack o’ lantern gloowwwww.

Until next time where we visit the Tentsmuir Forest!


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