Halloween: Carving A Jack O’ Lantern, Costumes And Movies

Pumkin Post-1

Kcchhhttt. We interrupt the Bike Journey series to bring you a special presentation on Hallooowweeeennnnn (insert spooky broadcaster voice).

I LOVE Halloween. Like ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Halloween. Here are some fun things to do for this spooky, ghastly night! Hint: costumes, movies and pumkin carving!

1) Carve a Jack O’ Lantern.

I’m told they used to carve turnips, potatoes and beets here in the UK, but the pumpkin as a choice jack o’ lantern vessel is slowly winning the popularity contest! Amusingly this has resulted in claims of a pumpkin shortage in the country the last few years.

If you still manage to get your hands on a pumpkin, then turning it into a sweet little lantern is easy stuff. You can also make deliciously sweet pumkin pie if you find two pumpkins.

Carve a hole around the stem and pull it out.

Ready4halloween-2 Ready4halloween-3

Reach in and pull out the pumkin guts!

Ready4halloween-6  Ready4halloween-5  Ready4halloween-7Ready4halloween-8

Spoon out the rest along the edges so there are no string bits or seeds left.


Start by carving out the eyes! You can get a kit for this, but really you can also do it with a plain kitchen knife (just be careful and cut away from your body). Cut the shape and then stick your hand in the pumkin and press the piece out.

Sometimes I find it easier to push the piece into the pumpkin instead. If you are carving with a small kid you can let them push out the pieces after you’ve cut the shapes!

On top of the eyes you can add some hollow cuts to make cute little eyebrows too!


Next up is the nose. And then the toothy mouth. I suggest cutting the mouth in several pieces.

Ready4halloween-16      Ready4halloween-17

Tadaaaaaa! That’s it! Then you can find a candle (or electric candle) and pop it inside the pumpkin! I’m sticking with a dorky classic design, but if you want to really dazzle the family you can find complicated designs online.


Woooooooo! Boooooooooo!



2) Make a costume. You heard me. MAKE itTTTTT.

This is such a fun activity because you can move beyond the market stereotypes, or even bring a fun twist to your favourite classic halloween character. Of course I’m not implying you make the costumes from scratch, certainly most of us are not seamstresses.

I’ve been so many things over the years.

Queen Padme from Star Wars. A banshee. A steampunk character. The Mad Hatter. A werewolf. A valkyrie (not the kind from the Thor movies). A classic vampire (not the sparkly kind… yuck). A pirate. A fairy (when I was reallllyyy little).

pirate me     Halloween 2014-3 Allison-Okt03halloweenbanshee

This year I made a Hanautah costume! (Hanauatah is a character from the art exhibition I’m working in at the moment).

Something&DCA-17 untitled-8      hanautah

All you need is some clothes you can cut up and modify, a cartload of ideas, perhaps some knowledge of paper mache and some space to get down and messy!!!

Wear it to a fancy-dress party. Wear it trick or treating. Wear it to the grocery store and inspire some kids!

3) Watch a spoookkyyyy moovviieee.

My personal favourites are the ones below! I always come back to them year after year.


Older Audience

Seriously Scary (for me)

That’s it. I’m a wimp.

Are you excited for Halloween????

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