Biking from Dundee to Abroath

Bike Trip Dundee to Arbroath

It rained, oh it rained. But we were lucky. Up over the next hill, beside a lonely tree, a rainbow dashed across the sky. I broke into a shattered version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow as my bicycle gleefully broke through the puddles splattered across the trail.

“I’m playing puddle-dodger and you’re well… failing!” J piped up as I zigzag across the path.

No I’m succeeding! was all that was going through my mind. I’m hitting every target!

To Arbroath-1

Hello  all you lovely folks! I hope your day is going well!

As you may know, my partner, J, and I have been bicycling around the Dundee area in search of advent’cha. We certainly found it on our way to Perth with our super, fabulously breathtaking glide into the valley and the face of a brilliant sunset!

On this trip to Arbroath, a casual ride along the coast, we found rainbows, puddles, wildflowers and fascinating little birds!

Dundee to Arbroath

Level: Easy-peasy. You’ll find this one is a dream. There is one section that features a bit of mud, but if you’ve got a hybrid or mountain bike you’ll be fine (and hopefully it’ll be dry).

Trail: National Cycle Route 1.

Condition: The majority of it is paved. There is one narrow bridge and some road sections, but they are brief. The most “difficult” part of this trail is the dirt patch.

Length: 18 miles. Again if you are slow like J and I (stop for snack breaks and photoshoots) it’ll take about three hours.

Train Stop Points: Broughty Ferry, Carnoustie and Arbroath.


To Arbroath-3

Our favourite part of this route was the constant view of the Tay river and then the sea! We were also über excited to try the famous Arbroath Smokey at its source.

After we’d slogged our way into a pub and shivered our fingers back to life we walked right back out to check out the Arbroath Abbey.

The ruins were HUGE and J and I were fascinated by its story.

To Arbroath-11

This site, once the richest abbey in Scotland, is most famous for its assocation with the 1320 Declaration of Arbroath—a declaration of Scottish independence!

Unfortunately, we arrived late in Arbroath and couldn’t enter the abbey, but we did take a bunch of pictures of the outer extensions!
If you want to check it out it costs £5.50 for adults and £3.30 for children according to Historic Scotland.

To Arbroath-10   To Arbroath-12To Arbroath-7

Next up a quick dash into the Tentsmuir Forest right across the Tay!

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