Biking from Dundee to Perth

Bike Trip Dundee to Perth

We could see the sun. It blazed into our vision, urging us forward as we begged our legs for a few more steps and then a few more. We’d given up on riding to the top, our weary muscles sick of pedalling. The road levelled a touch. It was enough. I leapt on and pedalled for the light.

It broke away into a view that had me gasping… well more.

Hello hello folks!

My partner and I rode our bikes from Dundee to Perth! And Arbroath. And the Tentsmuir Forest. We loved our trips so much we thought we’d share them with you and offer some advice on which one you might like to try!

Dundee to Perth Sunset-6

Dundee to Perth

Level: Medium-Hard—but extremely worth the work. There is this one section just before Perth that has you climbing some rather large hills.

Trail: National Cycle Route 77

Condition: Paved all the way. We went off route a bit to check out the Errol train station.

Length: 23.9 miles. If you like to go off trail and take constant snack/photography breaks like us the trip takes about four hours.

Train Stops: Nope. You’re in it for the long run.

Dundee to Perth Sunset-3

Our favourite thing about this route was its spontaneousness. We didn’t know WHAT was going to be around the next corner. The landscape was always evolving and we came away with a neat collection of very thrilling experiences. We met riders on horses, sped through tree tunnels, rolled across hay fields and greeted people as they went about their day!

On the downside there were times near the end when we had to dismount and walk. Some of the climbs were impressively steep and quite long. However, if you push through you are in for the ride of your LIFE. What you climb you will always be able to ride down from!

Fortunately for us we got to the top of the last big climb just in time to witness the sun’s last rays over the valley.

I didn’t think I’d ever witness Sir Walter Scott’s famous empurpled mountains, but there they were. The day was settling in to rest and we got to watch its final brilliant moments from the best vantage point in the area!

Dundee to Perth Sunset-11

Then after this delightful glimpse we scooted our way over the final hump. We knew it would be a great ride, but speeding down into Perth turned out to be as magical as a flying carpet ride!

The air gushed past, the pavement blurred, houses sped by. Ahead the sun gloriously wavered on the horizon. After all the climbing we relished this new lazy freedom. We cheered and zipped all the way to the river without stopping!

“Ok that was officially worth it!” I shrieked as J let out a whoop. And it was. Our last mad dash was the thrill the year!

When we finally dismounted I looked up to find J brandishing the same massive, goofy grin as I felt on my cheeks. We fist-pumped. It wasn’t enough for our triumph. I dashed into J’s arms for a big fat hug and she gathered me up and we spun. My feet kicked as wildly as the giggles escaping my lips.

Dundee to Perth Sunset-7

Dinner in town followed. We found a delightful little Italian restaurant with a £5 meal deal on Mondays and lunch. The beer and food was the bow on this wonderful experience.

As usual we boarded the train back to Dundee and when we arrived began the long trudge home. We were tired, we were sore—but the walk home was easy. It was all worth it. Every second.

I hope your ride is as incredible as ours.

Dundee to Perth Sunset-5

Next time: Arbroath!!!

Come back next week for a video and post on our bicycle trip to Arbroath! Find out about the delights and unfortunate events accompanying our journey (and possibly yours).

3 thoughts on “Biking from Dundee to Perth

  1. plaidcamper says:

    Enjoyed this, the writing and the photographs and video! We camped near here many years ago, when Junior was a baby. Beautiful campgrounds and wonderful scenery. I remember Perth as a prosperous little town, like many in the region. Great post!

    • The Doorstep Traveller says:

      Thank you! I’m glad I was able to convey the thrills we experienced! It truly is a beautiful area 🙂 the camping there must have been marvelous!

      I can’t wait until next summer when my partner and I hope to go camping in the Highlands.

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