Marvin Beatty’s Canadian Photography

7 Moss Protector

Hello all! I thought I’d hop into the passenger seat for this post and introduce you to Marvin Beatty, a Canadian photographer based in Castlegar, British Columbia!

This man is surrounded by beauty and he knows it! With his faithful Nikon D70 and two favourite lens—an 18-200mm VR and a 60mm—or his new Canon T5i, Marvin has captured an array of magnificent scenes, which you’ll get to see below!

13 Banana Panorama

I think my favourite thing about Marvin’s work is that he does a lot of old/new comparisons. As a part of the audience I get to see exactly how he gets to his final product. This 45-year-old does a lot of interaction of Facebook, where he invites people to participate in the editing process.

Oh! But it’s time for me to stop nabbering and let him talk for a bit. Here’s how Marvin replied to a series of questions I asked him.

10 Purple Bloom

How do you capture such amazing scenes? Lots of walks? Research online? Happy chance?

I’ve recently purchased Intensify software (which is very good at fine details) and I’ve been doing a lot of fresh edits of older photos with it.

Now, I use a Canon T5i and have both a Canon 55-250mm lens and an 18-55mm for it. When I shoot landscapes, I almost always use a tripod, the timer and lock the mirror up so they’re nice and sharp. Beyond that, I try to explore new places as much as I can and shoot what I find interesting.

6 War of the Worlds

More and more, I find I compose a photo with a general idea of what I may like to do with it in post.

It’s always good to remember that a RAW file can be manipulated in a lot of ways so I rarely worry about waiting for “perfect” light, etc. Many of my landscapes are a blend of a single RAW file edited in a couple of ways (say, for the ground and sky).

14 Drama over Kamloops

Any suggestions for people trying to capture an animal on camera?

With animals, I’ve been lucky. I’ve happened across bears, coyotes and bighorn sheep that weren’t aggressive. I try to read their behaviour and not put myself in places where they feel cornered. When I walk alone in a wild place, I’m always aware of my surroundings. This time of the year, I also make a little bit of noise periodically, just to let any hungry bears know I’m not food.

2 A Black Bear's Stare

This one looks hungry. -A

One barred owl I shot was simply perched on an overhead wire as I drove past. In that instance, I resisted the urge to plow on the brakes and instead drove by, stopped, got my gear ready with the settings I thought would work best, rolled the windows down and managed quite good shots right from the car when I went back. When it finally flew away, it only went about 50 yards and I parked, walked to it and got more shots in a natural setting. Be sure to not give up on a photo too early!

Owl 2

What is it about the great outdoors that captures your attention, and camera eye, so often?

Personally, I find no enjoyment in photographing people or indoor scenes when there is something new to see almost hour to hour outside. Far too much of the natural world is under threat from human activity and if I can bring a sense of fragility and beauty out in a photo, that’s what I like to do.

1 The Winter Growls

Any tips for the camera fans out there?

Tips? Shoot what you love, practice until you can manipulate your camera settings in the dark, allow yourself time to understand and properly edit each image (develop a good workflow by reading about what others do) and share your work.

Feedback and inspiration are important in photography.

3 Glass Table

Back to A

Wow! I’m so incredibly jealous of these photos! If you are too, I hope you gleamed some new information off of Marvin here and maybe caught some massive waves of inspiration!

If you want to see more of his photos you can find pages and pages of them at his View Bug page. There are so many things to see! More animals! More roads! More nature! More texture!

15 Field, B.C

Still haven’t had enough for today? Ok! I’ve gotch’ya covered.

Here are some more images from Marvin’s top picks!!!

9 Inner Harbour

4 Dynamic Forces

11 Full Bow over Columbia River

5 Autumn Arriving

12 Clear Colour

So what do you think? Awesome?

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