Goofing Off At Go Ape Aberfoyle

Go APE title

Ahahaha. This is still super funny after an afternoon of editing and a night of fitful sleeping. Sorry for not including a write-up when I first posted this, I was too busy slugging off to bed with a faucet for a nose, a head full of cotton and limbs creaking in protest… Jeez I sound like a scarecrow left in the rain!

This video was totally worth the push though. I might have constantly laughed myself into coughing fits, and the resulting soft berating from my partner, but this was definitely worth it.

They say laughter is healthy and I’m feeling better already! So whether you’re ill or healthy, active or taking a break, I hope you find this video as funny as I do and it helps brighten your day!!!!! Enjoy!

This was a slightly costly £26.35 adventure (plus £5 for carpool gas), but with a bit of saving up its accessible.

We were climbing around for about two and a half hours and the waiting wasn’t terriblethough I’ve heard that sometimes it can be if it’s a busy day. However, don’t let a sunny day dissuade you from signing up since there are plenty of places for you to jump past slower climbers.

When it comes to this activity, I’d suggest bringing a group of friends. They help you pass through any waiting with ease and everyone needs a cheer team at some point in the course. When you have people egging or encouraging you on it helps… A LOT. Plus the humour never stops so may as well share it with someone. XD

Bring strong shoes like runners or hiking boots. On the other hand, I will note that my wide hiking boots got me caught once at an obstacle which featured rings tied to ropes. Putting your boot through a tiny ring is ridiculously hard when its flopping around everywhere! >.>

I was super thankful for my waterproof coat. It kept me dry, warm and mud-free despite some awkward landings on the ziplines (remember folks you want to hit the dirt landing strip facing forwards not backwards). >.<

My thick leggings were perfect for giving me the flexibility I needed for some of those courses. Before you nab the leggings though I’d suggest you check to see how comfortable you are with showing your boot-a to the public. You will be crawling, climbing ladders and strapped into a diaper-style harness. Make sure your bum is presentable. My leggings worked because they were black, thick and I have no shame. Lol just kidding, sorta, I dunno. IF YOU ARE FINE WITH YOUR BODY JUST GOT FOR IT. Leggings rock. >.>

Go Ape was awesome enough to let me bring my little Contour camera along! As long as you have the camera strapped to you, you are allowed to bring it on the course. I left my bulky Canon Rebel T3i at home. No sense in recklessly swinging cameras everywhere. 😀

Don’t worry Reby you’re still my favourite camera! -=-

Aside from all this—just have fun. It’s the mantra of the ages, but seriously, if you’re laughing you’re good.


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