An Introduction To Turkish Ebru Art

Turkish Ebru Art

A while back I had a chance to make some Turkish ebru art! It was a long-time dream and I’d watched YouTube videos on the subject hundreds of times. When I found an artist who was willing to talk about and show me the technique I hopped around the house with glee!

For those who are unfamiliar with the style, well enjoy the video! For those who know it and want to try it, take a look around—you just might find a local group where you least expect it!

Here are some photos of work I created (as a first time ebru artist), the tools used in the artform and some works by the artist who introduced ebru to me.

The best thing about practicing ebru art is how invigorating it is—for artists and non-artists alike! You can feel like you’re the least artistic person in the world and still find ebru fun and calming.

I think youngsters would especially love trying out this style of art! Messing with the swirls and dots floating on the surface is such simple fun!

Ebru Art-29     Ebru Art-14Ebru Art-30  Ebru Art-21     Ebru Art-33Ebru Art-32Ebru Art-35      Ebru Art-36Ebru Art-23Ebru Art-6     Ebru Art-25 Ebru Art-26       Ebru Art-37


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