Pancake Day Rehearsal!

 Pancake Day

Pouring a dollop of pancake mix into the pan forced a hiss as the goo met the metal. Grabbing a handful of raisins I began to seed my pancake with their plump little figures. Satisfied with what I’d sown I thrust my spatula under the island of mix to turn its world upside down. Behind me chaos met art as a housemate presented her rendition of a pancake song’s dance. Another housemate drew attention as she masterfully tossed a pancake into orbit and landed it on its rump.

Our Pancake Day rehearsal was flippin’ brilliant!

Pancake Day 15-6

Hello all! Not sure what to do with your day today? Why not make a stack of pancakes!

Today is Pancake Day! Some call it Shrove Tuesday (shrove is derived from shrive which means to confess). Others call it Fat Tuesday or Mardis Gras. Wait, Mardis Gras is French?

So it turns out those massive festivals celebrated around the world during February—or March some years—are associated with a Christian ritual fasting. The idea is to pig out and celebrate on Tuesday before the six-week religious observance called Lent, which begins on Ash Wednesday.

Pancake Day 15-4

During Lent some observers abstain from food for a day until mid-afternoon or evening while others, especially historically, avoid eating meat, eggs and dairy products.

This is where the pancakes come in. On Shrove Tuesday the household would use up its eggs, milk and sugar while making the pancakes so they couldn’t be temped in the 40 days leading to Easter.

Pancake Day 15-7
Some wine ’cause we’re classy that way.
Pancake Day 15-8
Haha just kidding, chocolate milk is much better for the occasion.


For our Pancake Day celebration we ended up creating a two-course meal of about 20 savoury and sweet pancakes. Two of my housemates threw buckwheat pancakes, sunny-side-up eggs, ham and cheese together into a mouthwatering munch, while another housemate and I fried up some good ol’ fat American pancakes peppered with raisins and bananas.

You can spread Nutella on the sweet pancakes or in the great Canadian tradition slop on some maple syrup!

Pancake Day 15-5
My housemates ate the yummy American pancakes before I could get a photo! Heck, I barely caught the savoury pancakes before they were gone!!!

If you finish your pancake stack and feel like you still haven’t celebrated the day properly, rescue a pancake from your housemates’ mouths and skip over to London to participate in a mirthful race called The Great Pancake Race.

While my household didn’t make it a priority to visit London for this race, we did mark the occasion with a marathon of classy pancake songs. As you blend your pancake mix, enjoy this music mix eh!

**Warning this only covers mixing your ingredients. You may have to loop or transfer to your own music for the remainder of the pancake-making process.

Good luck and enjoy!

A song from a hardcore pancake flipper and rapper (warning strong language).

Ok, now we’re bringin’ it back to upbeat, possibly dorky—but youthful music with Jack Johnson!

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