Air Guitar World Championships

Guitar player

Ok so I haven’t actually attended this event since I’ve only JUST learned about it and this year’s show is over. But it’s totally on my festival bucket list!!!! Here’s why I’m so stoked to check out the Air Guitar World Championships next year!

1) Holy fan-girls… the ENERGY!!!!

These participants must rock out at least twice a day to work up the stamina for all those kicks, spins and arm/wrist slides and chops!

2) The spunk!

How many people can you name who would go up on stage spewing water like a sperm whale while dressed like a Neanderthal Thor?

3) The miming!

Never has miming looked so good! Watching the Top Three of the 2011 Championships was a riot (the above video)!

And the best bit? Each contestant had to interpret “Without a Face” by Rage Against the Machine and their imagination was boundless!

4) The zealous hair flinging!

This is the kind of show where long hair probably provides a massive advantage in act aesthetics. I mean when you flick your head like that with short hair you just look you’re desperately trying to thrash out some terrible thoughts.

During the Air Guitar contest there have been various cases of wigs and hats kissing the dirt as the participants dryer-spin their hair into a frenzy.

5) The clever stage names!

– Like Ever Gin

– W!ld Th!ng 37

– The Air-Venging Angel

(and the outrageous ones)

– Air Grinder

– Windhammer

– Moredrive

6) The diversity!

The current world champion, Nanami “Seven Seas” Nagura is from Japan and boy can she rock out! Some of her moves are absolutely spine jarring (literally)!

7) The punk pomp!

And by this I mean the costumes that don’t know boundaries. I think the only requirement is the ability to move—fast!

8) The introduction to music I would normally avoid!

So uh, now I have Electric Butt by the Wedding Crashers in my music list.

9) The location!

While the national championships are held all around the world the world championships are hosted in Oulu, Northern Finland.

10) The message!


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