Bangkok Arts And Culture Centre Infographic

IMG_1690 copy

Gliding up to the first of the three large exhibition halls I lightly stepped off the escalator and walked to the edge of the floor. My fingers gripped the railing as I leaned out over the soup of noise simmering below. The floor fell away into a neat crater revealing five floors below and two above. The building seemed to be designed just to encase the empty gulf. Perhaps the architecture was an attempt to leave room for all the sizzling thoughts and ideas bubbling up from below.

It is a capsule. A cathedral. A bomb shelter and haven for modern Thai artists. Hungrily nabbing my mental spoon I spun away from the edge rubbing my hands in delight. It was time to gobble through another five-course meal of social commentary and artistry.


One of my favourite places in all of Bangkok is the Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre (BACC). I visited it at least six times while I was studying in Thailand and never knew what to expect. There were musical works, traditional paintings, mixed media, electronic pieces, social pieces, contests and even an architecture model exhibit. I was always amazed.

Foster and Partners architectural works exhibit.


This bizarre contraption is a sphere of layered cassette tape which it plays.
This bizarre contraption is a sphere of layered cassette tape which played an odd mash-up of music!

One of my favourite exhibits was this one. Sorry about the quality of the video. I took this with my phone.


I know you want to.

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