Angkor Complex, Cambodia (by bicycle)

bicycle title

Angkor, Angkor show me your wonders true,

I’m half crazy over the likes of you

It won’t be a speedy viewing

I can’t afford a tuk tuk

But you look sweet, from upon the seat of a bicycle borrowed for 2

… dolllaaarrrrsss



And yes, it was a wonderful new perspective from the bicycle seat. Tuk tuks are neat and I suggest a few rides during your visit to Thailand or Cambodia but if the area is not buried in automobile traffic and you fancy some exercise, quiet and fresh air then I suggest renting a bicycle. You’ll see things very differently.


Even my photography on this second day at the Angkor complex suggests a slower, more nature-and-surrounding-environment oriented view.


After racing from major temple to major temple the day before in a tuk tuk it was nice to cruise through the smaller temples the next day. My friend and I travelled along the small tour circuit according to the official map. We did the route backwards which was great because we ended up visiting temples before and after the main tourist flow influx.

These temples appeared to be more modest but they had some of the most beautiful archeological and artistic treasures tucked away in their dark corners. I highly recommend deviating from the large temples at some point to peek in on the smaller ones. They might surprise you.


It was at this temple that I realized that paints used to grace the walls of the temples in the complex. Image what they must have looked like at their prime!

My companion and I even passed through a village by accident when we went off the beaten trail. The area is littered with small villages it seems. They lie tucked away behind the trees. It was neat to see active farms in the complex too.


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