Something To Be Said About Red-Eye Flights

IMG_0902There is something to be said about red-eye flights. Despite their bad press they have a number of advantages.

1) you do not have to deal with foot traffic—or even automobile traffic outside of the airport. This means no lines, no lagging luggage and no having to navigate through large crowds with your suitcase.


2) you are readying yourself for your next country—if it happens to be on the opposite side of the world—because well, you are staying up all night (day in the approaching destination) anyway. Yay for skipping jet lag! You stay up until you are on the long 14 hour/11 hour flight and then you sleep during the “day” according to home time and just like that you have transitioned to opposed hours.


Note: In Shanghai at Pudong International Airport you can’t get wifi unless you have an active phone to send the password too… Which is weird and awkward for a travelling student. Be sure to tell your loved ones that you may be out of wifi service for days while you seek out Internet.



1) the airports you pass through may not be awake yet meaning you have to stay lost for a few hours before the booths open and you are directed to the correct gate.


2) it can be difficult staying up late if you are not prepared for it. I prepared myself by staying up late at home and sleeping until 11 a.m. or noon (as a young adult often does).


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