I Have a New Doorstep!

new doorstep thailand

The first thing I noticed was the aging paint and mold-ridden walls juxtaposed with satellite dishes. It was like seeing sodden cardboard boxes precariously pulled together with broken string, topped with shiny red bows and presented as awkward gifts.

Of course a second longer look revealed that the long line of apartments before me was in fact sturdier than it first appeared. It just well worn. Like a pair of jeans whitewashed from use.

Hi! Sawadeekha!

So I’ve changed doorsteps. I went from this doorstep in Canada.


To this one in Thailand.


This is where I will be staying near Rangist (pronounced Rangsi) Campus of Thammasat University. It’s located about 40 km outside of Bangkok. For a few days however I stayed in the heart of the older area of Bangkok near Tha Prachan (pronounced Ta Pa Chan) Campus of Thammasat University.

So these are the sites that greeted me from my hotel room at New World City Hotel to student orientation.


The place I stayed at first New World City Hotel is on the left. The right line of buildings is what greeted me each morning. It looked like this at night from my perspective.


Then I found myself within a classroom among a hundred other international students. They hailed from the States, Australia, Europe, Africa and many other places. IMG_0954

We were greeted with a choir from the university. They sang so beautifully in Thai. 

IMG_0952So for a small town country girl like me I found myself blown away by the size of my new home. I would have to learn new ways of acquiring goods, feeding myself, finding transportation and communicating.

IMG_0963IMG_0967Despite its confusing muddle of old and new I’m definitely falling in love with the city. It has its quarks but it also has astonishing similarities with the cities of my homeland.

In the end people want the same thing for themselves and often for others. The same corruption and the same compassion is everywhere. One just needs to take the time to look and understand.


Now that I’ve gotten that transition out of the way I’ll have posts up about my visit to the Grand Palace and attending the Queen’s Birthday Party soon enough! 

There were both very grand and I’m excited to delve into the history of each and provide a few facts with my photos. 

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